The "Lézard" Pass' The “lézard” pass’, is a multi activity option for children between the age of 7 and 77 years old.

The "Lézard" Pass'
Simplifiez vous la vie avec un pass´ multi activité. Offrez vous des vacances sportives à prix réduit
  • 1. Une seule réservation pour toutes les activités sportives nature de votre séjour.
  • 2. Bénéficier de conseil avisés sur la planification de vos activités lors de votre séjour.
  • 3. Et bien sur, profiter de tarif avantageux!

We also could call it : the liberty pass’... Indeed, the presence of an adult is not mandatory for these two activities... :)


This pass’ includes :


A half-day adventure course “Les jardins de Foussoubie” : passage over the river, small abseil, zip line and discover of an underground lake...

An adventure cut out for the youngests!


A half-day canoeing trip on the Ardèche river (7 kms = 4,35 miles). Going down the river, experiencing your first rapids by canoe and guided by an instructor.



Pass’ conditions of use and validity :

1. The pass is specified with a name (all the pass activities must be performed by the same person).


2. The pass is valid for 1 year and has to be used within 6 month after the first activity.


3. Please check the availability period of the activities. (Look each activity up in road book).



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