The history

It’s after...


...many years of personal and professional practice of outdoor sports, that the desire of developing new prospects in this field became clear to us. From then on, we had to face up questions.


- How could we share these unique moments that we experienced through our passion and our travels?


 - How could we design authentic and top notch activities and outdoors trips?


- How could we fit practices that take place in a wild environment to a large and demanding public?


 L' aventure maîtrisée

Face Sud was born in 2006 on a simple record : in order to design quality adventures we had to collect ideas, areas, a team and yourself !

Some ideas

Some ideas

Because outdoors leisure activities must be designed and reflective.



Because if improvisation is necessary for a change of scenery it must be under control.


Because adventure shouldn’t be a synonym of insecure,


Every service we offer you has passed two tests, we call them “the pen test” and “the shoe test”. It means they have been finalized with care on paper AND been field-tested by our professional team.


This way we guarantee the feasibility of our services and above all we guarantee that they are worth interest. Indeed some of the most exciting projects on paper are sometimes less relevant on the field. So it’s pen-again and shoe-again


Some areas

Some areas

These unique naturals areas are a part of an ecological and human priceless heritage. The path that we take, the river that we walk down, or the mountain that we climb have been and still are being used by men around them.


Whether it’s in the Cévenoles rivers, the wild crossing of the Calanques, Gorges de l’Ardèche cliffs or the summit of Assekrem in Algeria, we pursue one aim :


Guiding you where you wouldn’t have been on your own !


A team

A team

To support this project, we have teamed up outdoors professionals sharing the same philosophy of outdoors activities.


Nevertheless, each of them have their own personality and everyone helps building this team with a stone they picked up at the bend in the road or on a cliff.


Whether they are designing behind a computer screen, on the phone dealing with bookings or at the other end of the rope in the action... there’s a pro team producing your projects.


You !

You !

To let these ideas come to life, to let these areas be crossed, to let this team express their talents, obviously YOU are the in the center of the adventure.