Traineeship Rock Climbing Our long climbing practice and wish to share our passion lead us to offer you climbing traineeship and weekend. Beginner climber or experimented, room climber, our professional team will know how to highlight your strengths. Goal : discovering, progressing and enjoying !

Traineeship Rock Climbing

Because climbing stays our first love, we offer quality traineeship and weekend on the most beautiful places that have marked the climbing history :


Marseille and its Calanques, Gorges du Verdon, Vercors, Presles cliffs, Gorges de l'Ardeche, Corse and Aiguilles de Bavella...

We provide also our experience and our accommodation web to offer you free management traineeship (supervision + accommodation) or in all-inclusive formula (supervision + accommodation + food).

Discover the course: Traineeship Rock Climbing


Gorges du Verdon

Calanques de Marseille / Cassis